Sunday, October 2, 2016

The New CP7732C Impact is a must have in your toolbox!

A must have in your toolbox! The new CP7732C stubby composite impact wrench

The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7732C is an ultra-compact and powerful '' composite impact wrench. At only 4.three" lengthy (108 mm), this stubby effect wrench is best for extremely restricted locations, like transmission and engine work. Since this device is shorter than your hand, anywhere your hand can match, so can the CP7732C!


Our new ultra-lightweight affect wrench - CP7732C is the new generation of our greatest-selling stubby' CP7732. The CP7732C is 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor, and has been developed in response to client demand for smaller, lighter equipment, enabling mechanics to perform easily in difficult-to-accessibility areas.

The CP7732C delivers optimum customer value with an unbeatable energy-to-weight ratio, weighing just two.2lbs (1 kg) and 4.3 in (108 mm) in length while even now offering a greatest torque of 460 ft.lbs (625 Nm) in reverse. It's the perfect impact wrench for use within the automobile and engine compartment for jobs on oil pans, seat bolts and entire body panels. Its jumbo hammer mechanism, steel motor and aluminum clutch housing supply excellent overall performance and stand up to the challenging workshop atmosphere.


New ergonomics for much better user-comfort! Our new instrument is super ergonomic and has been designed for maximum user comfort with a composite housing and thermo-plastic rubber manage. You will love the smooth side-to-side forward/reverse mechanism and the new energy setting system. The ergonomic curved deal with reduces tension in the mechanic's hand and assists decrease probabilities of an damage. Moreover, a complete teasing trigger offers the operator less difficult handle during operation.

The new CP7732C is lighter than preceding generation nevertheless much more potent and significantly a lot more ergonomic than the prior model. It is a should have in each and every mechanics instrument box to simply perform in tight spaces that are unreachable with a normal impact wrench!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Application Die Shop High Torque Bolt Tightening

Die shop application requires tightening two bolts. The first bolt is 30mm to be tightened down to 1500 foot pounds and the second needs to be tightened down to 3000 foot pounds.

There is a safety issue with the present method of using a large wrench and a hammer to tighten the bolts. An operator got hurt after striking the wrench with the hammer and the spring back caused an injury.

For the 1500 foot pound application we suggested the CP7782 Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench. Working torque 370-1475 ft-lbs, max 1920 ft-lbs.

- Great power for general maintenance applications
- Reinforced clutch mechanism
- Low vibration for a better operator comfort

For the 3000 foot pound application we recommended the new CP6135-D80 Super Industrial 1-1/2" Impact Wrench. Working Torque (fwd): 740-4,055 ft lbs
Maximum Torque (reverse): 5900 ft lbs.