Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Application Die Shop High Torque Bolt Tightening

Die shop application requires tightening two bolts. The first bolt is 30mm to be tightened down to 1500 foot pounds and the second needs to be tightened down to 3000 foot pounds.

There is a safety issue with the present method of using a large wrench and a hammer to tighten the bolts. An operator got hurt after striking the wrench with the hammer and the spring back caused an injury.

For the 1500 foot pound application we suggested the CP7782 Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench. Working torque 370-1475 ft-lbs, max 1920 ft-lbs.

- Great power for general maintenance applications
- Reinforced clutch mechanism
- Low vibration for a better operator comfort

For the 3000 foot pound application we recommended the new CP6135-D80 Super Industrial 1-1/2" Impact Wrench. Working Torque (fwd): 740-4,055 ft lbs
Maximum Torque (reverse): 5900 ft lbs.

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